Established in 1992, Avolar Corp. is based out of College Station, Texas.  Founded by Will Beever, Jr, Texas A&M University graduate in Electrical Engineering, the company operates and maintains aircraft for local as well as out-of-town clients.  Will began his career flying Senators and small business owners in their own private airplanes. He acquired the maintenance business, Avolar Maintenance, LLC, in 2005 in order to keep the airplanes he flies properly maintained.

Avolar Maintenance, LLC now operates as a separate entity providing maintenance services to individuals and businesses from all over the country. A travelling maintenance organization, Avolar Maintenance will come to your location to address anything from small squawks to intensive inspections, bringing all necessary equipment and tools with them to the job site.

Will’s primary aircraft is the Lear 31, but he also flies a King Air and several smaller aircraft.  Personnel are available to operate any type of aircraft.

For more information on aircraft management, a maintenance estimate, or aircraft leaseback options, please contact Will on the linked page.