While I’m not new to technology at all, I am new to writing a blog.  This is, in fact, my first article, er ‘blog post’.  My intent is to write about informative subject matter that will, in a concise way, brief my readers on the industry.  Although there are some blogs in the aircraft industry, most of them are associated with large commercial airlines.  So I hope to provide a service not already available on the web.

Add me to your RSS feader or blog reader, if you are so inclined, and we’ll get started on the world of blogging.  Suggestions are welcome!

7 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Would you be available to broker the sale of a Classic! 1967 Cessna 210?

    Nice Website – interesting blog – keep it up!

  2. Keep it up. Interesting article. You might write about some of your more exciting times while in the air. Like hearing the guy on the radio saying his passenger bailed out at 7000′ with no parachute. How about spreading ashes.

  3. I love a good flying story (although this one isn’t my favorite). Keep them coming if you want more traffic! I know you have more, and you aviators tend to make every story into a “Big Fish.” Your co-pilot has plenty up his sleeve too.

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