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This is not your responsibility, I know. Sometimes professionals assume everyone else knows as much about their field as they do. Terminology, traditions, or best practices may be foreign to most outside the field.

For instance, it drives me crazy when a news organization reporting on something aviation reports “the airplanes stalled out” because I know they are trying to say the engine quit running. What everyone who knows anything about aviation thinks: “the aircraft’s lifting surfaces exceeded the critical angle of attack resulting in non-laminar flow and subsequent loss of lift.”

Myths about aviation prevail because it holds a mystery that non-participants feel they cannot breech. So I offer my writing services to explain, reveal and maybe even confirm all your non-aviation fascinations. Have you ever wondered what was happening while the airline you were on made all that noise before landing? Have you ever had your drink thrown out of your hand by a single bump? Do you have air traffic around you regularly and wonder what it is doing? Or do you have any more technical questions, like prop plane performance versus jet performance (or safety)? Even though I may have my aviation fraternity pin revoked, I promise to answer all your questions honestly. I will even provide references.

Please ask away in the comments section.

About Will Beever Jr

I started my flying career in the womb with my dad as the pilot. When I got big enough to handle the controls, he let me fly his plane some. In college, after pleading for years, he let me start training on a pilot certificate. After doing some research, the Texas A&M Flying Club looked to be the most affordable way into a pilot certificate. While working toward a degree in Electrical Engineering at A&M and no intention of entering the field of aviation, I met my primary flight instructor, Lynley Carr. Lynley remains the most career oriented individual I've ever met. He was born knowing he would be an airline pilot. His motivation rubbed off on me and propelled me into a love of aviation. After college, while my colleagues were taking high paying engineering jobs, I took a sub-minimum wage job working on airplane radios. From there I finished my commercial certification qualifications, picked up some flying jobs and began work as a contract pilot. After gathering so many clients that I could not handle all of the flying, I formed a corporation, hired my first employee and started Avolar Corp. From there, I have taken on a maintenance shop, aircraft brokerage, and aircraft management. My team and I are working toward adding aircraft charter and more pilot services. Just as I was getting started in aviation, I met my wife Meredith. She has supported our venture while we try to grow our small business. We have started a family with two boys who bring us great joy. With our family and our business taking up all of our time, we find ourselves completely fulfilled. We both believe God has provided us with everything we need.

3 thoughts on “Request for Aviation Blog Ideas

  1. I remember a few years ago flying somewhere and listening to an airliner that was going along our same route talking to traffic control. The airliner was given a route that was a longer distance than the one we were flying because we were going direct using gps equipment. The explanation I was given was that the airliners don’t have modern day equipment installed in their aircraft.

    I’m wondering if that’s still the case and if so the reason for it. Is it ecomonics or government regulations.

  2. Why are air traffic controllers such a big story on the news, and in your opinion, are they as inept as we are led to believe? Are our lives resting in their hands when we fly, or should we assume the pilots are awake and actually doing their part to make sure we don’t crash into someone else? I always get the picture that all the pilots do is turn on the cruise control and then fall asleep.

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