Avolar Maintenance welcomes our new Chief Mechanic

Our chief mechanic of seven years moved up to a new good position with another company. We are happy for him and wish him well. At the same time, we have brought in a new chief mechanic and would like to make him feel welcome in our community and organization.

Jason Engelke spent 15 years with the US Navy working on airplanes. Then he worked on airplanes in the civilian world and managed his own maintenance organization. Looking to move back to the B/CS area while we were looking for someone with his exact qualifications and experience proves that sometimes it is better to be lucky than good (for us!).

Jason spent his first day getting up to speed on our set up and contacting customers. Please give him a call or send an email if you would like to know more about him (use the contact form on the website). We would love to hear from you.

About Will Beever Jr

I started my flying career in the womb with my dad as the pilot. When I got big enough to handle the controls, he let me fly his plane some. In college, after pleading for years, he let me start training on a pilot certificate. After doing some research, the Texas A&M Flying Club looked to be the most affordable way into a pilot certificate. While working toward a degree in Electrical Engineering at A&M and no intention of entering the field of aviation, I met my primary flight instructor, Lynley Carr. Lynley remains the most career oriented individual I've ever met. He was born knowing he would be an airline pilot. His motivation rubbed off on me and propelled me into a love of aviation. After college, while my colleagues were taking high paying engineering jobs, I took a sub-minimum wage job working on airplane radios. From there I finished my commercial certification qualifications, picked up some flying jobs and began work as a contract pilot. After gathering so many clients that I could not handle all of the flying, I formed a corporation, hired my first employee and started Avolar Corp. From there, I have taken on a maintenance shop, aircraft brokerage, and aircraft management. My team and I are working toward adding aircraft charter and more pilot services. Just as I was getting started in aviation, I met my wife Meredith. She has supported our venture while we try to grow our small business. We have started a family with two boys who bring us great joy. With our family and our business taking up all of our time, we find ourselves completely fulfilled. We both believe God has provided us with everything we need.

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