Contract Pilot Services

corporate-pilot-851x564Avolar Corp provides only experienced, professional, respectful pilots to individuals and companies requiring the service of a pilot for aircraft they own and lease.

Pilots are trained by factory and insurance approved simulator schools. Recurrency training occurs on procedures monthly.

Pilot availability is first come first served. If staff pilots are not available, we maintain a network of pilots who we will subcontract, when acceptable to customers.

Staff pilot aircraft currency varies by demand. Check back to this page for the latest list:

1. Bombardier Learjet 31 Captain

2. Bombardier Learjet 20/30 series F.O.

3. Citation 500 series F.O.

4. King Air 90-200 Captain and F.O.

5. Twin Cessna 300-400 series Captain

6. Beechcraft Baron Captain

7. High time pilots with time in type are available for most singles.


Please contact us for price and availability.


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